"AJ has been exceptional for my son, demonstrating patience. He provides new material constantly for my son to work on weekly and I love he records the session so I can participate. Great Job AJ"

-Sean Hardy Sr.

Guitar Playing

"AJ is a fantastic teacher, he explains things intuitively and very well. I have done five lessons with him so far and have definitely made strides in my music understanding.

We do remote lessons and it has been great -- we keep a shared folder of transcriptions and recorded lessons that I can refer to as I practice.

My background in piano was basically just Youtube tutorials. The difference between this and actual lessons is like night and day, I revisit those old Youtube videos and understand it much more deeply now.

Definitely recommend AJ!"

-Arnet Tran

Guitar Close Up
Sheet Music

"AJ has been teaching my daughter guitar for the last few months. She loves to play and has improved tremendously since lessons began. Meeting via Zoom is so wonder because we don’t have travel time. Plus all the sessions are recorded to watch later. Thanks AJ for doing such a great job!"

  -Laura Davenport